Comparison: Vivo Y12 Vs Samsung I819


The Vivo Y12 is a highly advanced smartphone that comes with many useful features. The manufacturer is HTC and it comes loaded with many useful apps. It has been powered by the Windows operating system as well as Android operating system. The phone comes with a very large LCD touch screen, which is excellent for typing on and for watching movies. The battery life of the gadget lasts for more than ten hours.

Connectivity options on this handset come in the form of Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, USB, GPS plus a lot more. Other sensors on this phone come in the form of accelerometer, fingerprint sensor, magnetometer, and vivo y12 ambient light sensor. The vivo y12’s screen has been protected with Gorilla glass from the manufacturer. The phone comes with a software package which enables users to manage contacts, text, email, calendar and much more.

This review helpful consists of a detailed analysis of the value added services and the value provided by this handset. A major problem with the vivo y12 was the slow speed of the processor. This problem was solved with the help of the dedicated hardware drivers and software. The dual band connectivity provided by this handset was also a major advantage as it meant that the user could get services such as data and voice through wifi at the same time without any issue.

The built in image processing engine of the vivo y12 has been improved since its predecessors. It is capable of detecting and editing red eye, blurs and reduces the noise of shaky images. The main reason for the improvement is the adoption of the Omegazine technology. Omegazine was introduced by Nokia as the pioneer digital camera filter used in the front and rear cameras of Nokia mobiles.

Samsung has adopted the same technology in their foray into the mobile world. While the vivo y12 runs on an MT4S system, the android 9 will be running on the Galaxy S6 edge. Since the two smartphones have almost the same size, the internal storage space is not much of an issue for either handset. Both have a decent amount of memory, though the vivo y12 boasts of having more memory.

While comparing the two, there are a few things that stand out for the vivo y12. Firstly the colour of the handset is a tad darker than the android handset. The larger size of the latter makes it look bulky whereas the former looks compact and elegant. Secondly the novio smartphone offers a slightly bigger noach to the device. This increases the usability of the gadget and makes it suitable for people who use phones for all purposes.